Hello everyone!

I am Bibik…when I was younger, they used to call me Girlie and not by my name Siew Neo – for a time many didn’t even know my name. They would say “ Anak lu si…si..apa tu?” “Girlie lah!”. You can call me Bibik for short because I am a gracious Kebaya-clad lady with impeccable Nonya taste.

Peranakans are very hospitable and sociable people. We love our Dondang Sayang Pantun (poetic songs) and our Joget (dance) sessions – any excuse to show off our beautiful kebayas, new sarongs and manik sandals and handbags…none of this Gucci and Prada for us!

I inherited a family heirloom! Well, I just discovered that these aluminum, metal things were specially designed by my grandmother, crafted by a tradesman, for a singular purpose, passed down to my mum and now quite possibly to me! I earned my stripes.

Trays! That’s what they are. Baking trays. How about gold jewellery or porcelain crockery or maybe paintings???