Joot's Roots

An unassuming, yet incessant idea started as a tiny seed in our minds one afternoon in the year 2006. You know the kind – an idea that nags and probes and cajoles and tickles your fancy, so much so that you just have to get up and do something about it. So it started with fun and beautiful straw (or Jute) bags from Madagascar, which, to our delight, tickled the fancy of our clients just as much as they did ours.

Evolving through the desire to provide the perfect gift on any given occasion, the customization and design process got the better of us and our products took on different personalities and styles, just as varied as our clients and their needs.

At the heart of giving, we believe thoughtfulness makes all the difference. So if you don’t have the time to put that thought into a gift, we’ll do it for you.

We know you’ll want to give the best, no matter what your purpose or resources may be, so it’s no wonder all Joot creations are conceptualised with love, produced with attention to detail and delivered with the care that your recipient deserves.

So ask not what we can do, but tell us what is important to you. What can we say? We just love to give!


Joot Who

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